June 2015 Newsletter

During this month don’t forget to honor and show your love to the father’s in our lives. The men that embody the scared male divine. He who sows the seeds of new life in our sacred wombs. He who with strong hands and sweat on his brow work tirelessly to provide his loved ones with protection and sustenance. This month lets take the time to honor the scared male divinity of the Hunter, who will soon enough become the Sage who has lead by example and will share his wisdom with those who are willing to listen.


Cernunnos Nature God by Leanna Rose TenEycke

I want to express my love and gratitude to the Hunter in my life Kevin, thank you for seeding my womb and helping me to raise 4 wonderful children and for always showering your family with love, providing a safe shelter we call our loving home and bringing abundant food to our table.


Part of our spiritual path is to further our knowledge and give ourselves opportunities in which we can have new spiritual experiences. Here are the events and classes that I am facilitating this month that can provide you with just that. If you would like to register for any of the classes or events please email me at Monica@gypsymoons.com

On June 10th at 7:00 pm

Gem Elixirs

making gem elixir

A gem elixir is water that is attuned with a crystal’s specific vibrations. In this way, the properties of a stone can then be taken internally and/or applied to the body. The use of gem elixirs has been recorded in several ancient civilizations as a way of healing the mind, body, and soul. In this hands on class you will learn different techniques on how to make your own Gem Elixirs. You will learn some basic recipes and you will be able to make some and take them home! Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today. Duration 2 hours, Cost $60, (Due to required materials a $20 deposit is needed at the time of registration) Elevated Delights in Naperville, IL ***You can now participate via Skype for the reduced price of $40***

On June 13th at 1:00 pm

Shamanic Journeying Drum Circle


This shaman circle practices core shamanism and meets on the second Saturday of every month between 1-3 pm. The purpose of the circle is to give each other the opportunity to use our shamanic skills in a community setting and to establish a local shamanic community where you can find support and encouragement to do the great work. We will journey several times, one with a common goal and the others are for you to further your own shamanic experience. This is a free event for the local shamanic community. If you reside in the Chicago, IL area feel free to join our group.

On June 16th at 7:00 pm

Earthing Basics


Earthing is another name for grounding. It is the act of connecting to the Earth’s natural, negative surface charge by being barefoot outside or in bare skin contact with conductive systems indoors while you sleep, relax, or work. Individuals that suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD can benefit greatly from Earthing. Learn how to tap in to this energy so you can be the recipient of all its benefits. Duration 2 hours, Cost $40 all forms of payment accepted. Elevated Delights in Naperville, IL ***You can now participate via Skype***

On June 20th at 7:00 pm

Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony


Fire is transforming and purifying. It provides the way for you to let go of the trials and tribulations you have had so that you can be renewed and have a fresh start. During a fire ceremony, you will take the time to honor the lessons you have learned and to leave behind the old beliefs that no longer serve you by giving them to the Spirit Fire. In this manner fire will release you from these old patterns and beliefs facilitating emotional, mental and soul healing.

So as we move from Spring and welcome Summer it is time to have a fresh start. Come and join me in celebration!

The ceremony will start with a meditative time for you to create your “spirit arrow” which is a burnable offering made from suitable materials (no metal, crystals) and it is typically embellished (but does not have to be) small stick which represents whatever beliefs or lessons that you are honoring in order to shed them. Then the fire ceremony will commence there will be drumming, rattling and dancing. When you are ready, you will throw your spirit arrow into the fire and give the fire an gratitude offering of tobacco and herbs. Once everyone has cast into the fire their spirit arrow the ceremony will conclude.

For more information or to reserve your spot please email me at Monica@gypsymoons.com.
Suggested Donation of $10

On June 26th at 7:30 pm

Monthly Guided Meditation


Start your weekend right! Come and find relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. You will be guided on an unforgettable journey into the realms. Take the time to connect with Source and find your bliss. Cost $10, all forms of payment accepted. Sense of Samadhi in Yorkville, IL

On June 30th at 7:30 pm

Soul Dance

Dancing Sisters

Come and connect with your inner god or goddess and let them roam free. Let the song of your soul come through and be heard. Take this time to allow yourself to connect with the Divine, if that is what you wish. There is no right or wrong. During this time you will open yourself up to commune with the Divine and be filled with unconditional love and peace. You will allow your creative soul to express itself through dance, guiding you through the movements of your body. This is a sacred time for you to commune with your sacred self and the Divine.Please dress comfortably and bring any dance implement you would like to use (hip scarf, veil, rattle, drums, bells). Bring water to drink. Duration 1.5 hrs, Cost $20, all forms of payment accepted. Elevated Delights in Naperville, IL

Changes are part of life, for an up to date list of events please visit Gypsy Moon’s Caravan Events Facebook Page! If you would like to reserve your spot you can email me at Monica@gypsymoons.com


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